Darrell in her first term at Malory Towers off the front cover of First Term at Malory Towers.


Darrell Rivers



Hair Colour:



  • Felicity Rivers (Sister)
  • Mr Rivers (Father)
  • Mrs Rivers (Mother)


  • Head Girl (of the Upper Fourth)
  • Author of the school show (5th Year)
  • Head Girl (of the school)

Darrell Rivers is the main character of the Malory Towers books. The books are based around her classes and friends. After leaving school, she pursues writing and becomes an ace reporter.


Darrell is kindly towards her friends but, just like her father, she has an unfortunate fiery temper. As she gets older she learns to control it but Alicia and Betty tease her about having a 'Glint' in her eye whenever she sees red.


Darrell becomes best friends with Alicia in her first term but playing the fool affects her studies. Then after sally has her appendix removed, Darrell goes to see her every day and they become firm friends. Their friendship continues till the last of terms and they even go to university together. she is also friends with Irene, Belinda , Gwendoline , Jean and Mary-lou among others