First term at malory towers

Modern Cover of First Term at Malory Towers

This is the first book in the series. It is mainly about how Darrell fits in at the new school and makes friends.

Book DescriptionEdit

The Blurb on the modern cover of the book reads:

Darrell's off to her new school.

But what has she packed?

1. Tennis Racket (tick)

2. Pocket-money? (tick)

3. A lid for her temper? (x)

Oh dear! Malory Towers has a whole trunkload of trouble to come!

There's Mischief at Malory Towers!

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Main CharactersEdit

Darrell Rivers

Alicia Johns

Sally Hope

Gwendoline Mary Lacey

Betty Hill

Other CharactersEdit



Jean MacDonald


The first version of First Term at Malory Towers, Published 1946

Not all characters are listed as the list would be too long.


The First edition of this book was published in 1946. Many different versions have been printed since then.


Today the price for this book is about £4.99 GBP