Gwendoline Mary Lacey is in Darrell's year at Malory Towers. She is most unpopular and is spoilt by her mother.{{Infobox |Box title = Gwendoline Mary Lacey |Row 1 title = Gender: |Row 1 info = Female |Row 2 title = Hair Colour: |Row 2 info = Golden


Gwendoline is spiteful and sly during her time at Malory Towers and always tries to make friends with those who are new by sucking up to them. She is not very academic and was previously taught by her governess Miss Winter. Alicia always pokes fun at her.


Gwen tries to make friends with a lot of popular, new or pretty girls during her school years. In the first book, she does not have any friends. In the second form, she befriends Daphne for selfish reasons. Daphne is supposedly rich and Gwendoline hopes to get invited round to her house one day. In her third year she tries to impress Zerelda, a comical American girl. Clarissa becomes Gwen's friend when they are in the upper fourth because a letter comes in addressed to the "Honourable Clarissa Carter" which makes her think Clarissa is rich.


Gwendoline goes to a finishing school in England though she wanted to go to one in Switzerland and returns to Malory Towers during Felicity's last year, to teach their class etiquette. She appears confident but Miss Grayling can see that she is worried