First Term at Malory Towers

Cover of First Term at Malory Towers with Darrell wearing the school uniform

Malory Towers

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Miss Grayling


  • Swimming
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis


  • North Tower
  • South Tower
  • East Tower
  • West Tower
Malory Towers is the boarding school that Darrell and her friends attend. The books are set in Malory Towers, which is pretty obvious because that is the title of the series.


The Malory Towers uniform colours are brown and orange. The uniform that Darrel wears in her first year:

                Brown coat
                Brown hat
                Orange ribbon
                Brown tunic
                Orange belt

Malory Towers Badge


Malory Towers is located in Cornwall. Not much is known of its location but it is presumably beside the coast as Mary-Lou takes the coast road in Second Form at Malory Towers.

Boarding HousesEdit

Malory Towers has four Boarding Houses. The year groups are separated into these houses. The houses are: North Tower, East Tower, South Tower and West Tower. Darrell is in North Tower and so is her sister Felicity so we do not find out much about the other towers and their occupants. Alicia's friend Betty is in West Tower. During classes the girls are put back into yeargroups, no matter what tower they are in. The houses each have a house-mistress. Miss Potts is the house-mistress for North Tower.

Form MistressesEdit

Each form has its own Mistress. Here are a list of the forms and their mistresses:

Form 1: Miss Potts

Form 2: Miss Parker

Form 3: Miss Peters

Form 4: Miss Williams

Form 5: Miss James

Form 6: Miss Oakes