Sally Hope is one of the main characters in the series of books and is Darrell's best friend.

Sally Hope



Hair Colour:



  • Daphne Hope (sister)
  • Mr Hope (father)
  • Mrs Hope (mother)


Head Girl (of the Second Form)


Sally is level-headed and can always calm Darrell's temper before anything happens. Jealousy is one of Sally's weaknesses but it does not affect her generally. When Sally first comes to Malory Towers, she is jealous of her baby sister Daphne as Sally was sent to boarding school to make room for the baby. In the end she realises that she should be happy to be a big sister and is surprised when her parents come to visit her and leave Daffy at home.


In the first book, Sally does not appear to have any particular friends. After Mr Rivers makes her better (see Darrell Rivers ) her and Darrell become firm friends and stay that way throughout their school years and even go to university together.


Sally goes to St Andrews University in Scotland, along with Darrell. Later, she becomes a teacher at an infants school and loved it.